The Forêt Tropicale

The “Forêt Tropicale Experience” is a one-day musical festival organized and executively produced by Joy Rukanzakanza, a Zimbabwean-born singer and songwriter. Forêt Tropicale is a French term that translates to “rain forest” and the reason why this term was chosen is that a rain forest represents life in its fullness and different levels of growth, which is what we hope to see in our music industry.

The festival is an annual experience aimed at enhancing the Zimbabwean music industry through regional cultural exchange and the use of out-of-the-box offerings for the purposes of educating, entertaining, captivating, and informatively enriching the industry. This annual ticketed event is centered around community outreach and creating innovative solutions to problems faced by the community.

Through this, we hope to create confidence in music industry-related careers and in turn, relief in a country that has been scourged with high unemployment rates. The first edition of the Forêt Tropicale experience was held on the 11th of December 2021 and saw electric performances from Ryan Synth, Tanto Wavie, Mawiza, Suhn, Noluntu J, JoyRukanza, Danny Dee, Urban Chords as well as Zie the Artist.

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